Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day Six

As I've mentioned before, it's been so nice around Blacksburg the past couple of days and we've taken full advantage of it! Hence why a lot of my joys today are from the great outdoors.

16) Nic snapped this picture yesterday as he was bringing me my camera. I love walking around campus on a nice day. People are in such a pleasant mood and you get lots of fun looks pushing around a baby stroller :).

17) Speaking of campus. I absolutely love Virginia Tech (and no it's not just because I graduated from here). Once you've seen it, there is no denying it's beauty. I think a lot of times I take for granted the beautiful place we live in.

18) Sweet conversations. Not only do I love the campus we work on but I love the students we work with too! It's so rewarding to sit on a bench and talk about life and how God is working through it all with this lovely woman!

19) A little beauty indoors. My sweet husband brought flowers home for me last week (that's why the one in front is a bit droopy) and it totally brightened my day. They're sitting in front of me as I work this afternoon along with my back door open. Quite the inspiration I must say!

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