Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Five

Today's joys are a little bit different.

14) I'm a little late to the Youtube scene so you may have already seen this before. I haven't however and I think it's pretty stinking hilarious. As it turns out it won the People's Choice Award for Best Viral video this year!

15) The new Passion album is amazing. I love to play it & sing along while I'm doing chores around the house. I like to think I'm making a future David Crowder Band and Christy Nockels fan out of Sadie. Seriously though, every time I listen to this album I hear something that speaks to me.

16) While I was standing in line at Old Navy the other day, I happened to see this little beauty hanging on the clearance rack (along with 20 others of the exact same thing). I couldn't resist buying it after I saw the price tag was a whopping $2.97. Poor Bengals. At least I got a good deal out of their misery :).

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