Saturday, April 3, 2010

Angel's Rest

This morning we set out for Pearisburg, VA, more specifically where the Appalachian Trail crosses this small town. A mile and a half up from where we parked the car is a beautiful little lookout called Angel's Rest. What I didn't mention about this mile and a half hike is that we covered 1500 feet in that small amount of distance. calves were hurting all the way up!

The view at the top was totally worth it though. We were so high up there, the hawks were flying right next to us. Times like that are when I'm amazed at God's creation, how vast and big He is and how minute we are compared to Him and all His splendor. I was also reminded of that while watching this earlier this week. Hope wherever you are you got to enjoy the beauty of His creation today too. Check out some of the pictures below!

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