Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Winding Down the Semester

Things have slowed down around the BCM this week. We have finished all of our speaking, writing Bible studies, and leading seminars for the semester, so we're able to focus on spending time with students before they head out for summer in just a couple of short weeks. It's also felt slow because our other two staff members have been out of the office this week, leaving April and I there alone to make sure things don't explode.

This has worked out well for me, because I've needed some of my office time to work on other projects. My seminary semester is winding down as well, so I've been spending time studying for my Hebrew final and trying to get some work done on my reading and research for my church history class. I've also had the opportunity to help out a friend with a web development project for a side business that he has. I haven't had the chance to do much programming in the last couple of years, so I've really enjoyed the opportunity to dive back into it a little bit this week.

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