Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today was a beautiful day here in Blacksburg - a great day to celebrate Easter and Jesus' resurrection. We started the day off by celebrating the holiday with our church. We were challenged to respond to the resurrection with joy despite the pain, difficulties, and confusion that surround us. Afterward, we came back to our apartment and cooked a Uebel/Travis family Easter feast, including chicken and vegetable kabobs, grilled asparagus, Randy's special rice, Randy's special cucumber yogurt, salad, and bread (plus Homestead Creamery ice cream for dessert!).

April and I came away from all of this exclaiming how blessed we are. First off, to be loved and accepted by God through Jesus' death and resurrection. Also to be a part of a church family that we love and are challenged by. Finally, we were reminded how blessed we are to have such a great family that we are all able to gather together in love and to truly enjoy each other's presence. Praise God for how good he is and the gifts he has given us.

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