Thursday, April 15, 2010

Interview with Taylor

Today's interview is with another BCM student named Taylor.


Career Goals?

To be able to laugh when I make a mistake and never settle for the mundane.

How long have you been involved at BCM?
Since the first Friday night I was a freshman and came to open house and played catch phrase for 4 hours.

What is your leadership position? What are some of your responsibilities in this role?

People ask me this and I can never remember the title BCM gives it, but lets just go with creative guru. Basically my job is to help students come together to glorify God through creative elements, such as video, drama, art, and tribal dance and music. Ok one of those might not be true.

What has God been teaching you lately?

Awake my soul, awake my soul and sing. For the world you love, Your will be done, let Your will be done in me. Like the rising sun that shines, from the darkness comes the light, I hear Your voice and this is my awakening.( Taken from Awakening by Chris Tomin) I love music and this is how I feel God and I have the best conversations. The lyrics to this song are so unlike lyrics from today’s pop culture. Songs written today are made to be heard, digested and leave you empty longing for the next new thing.( take for example anything written by Ke$ha ) But on the contrary these lyrics/words/praises don’t leave me but rather spark a thought, a passion, a explosion in my soul that I cannot seem to contain. I once read somewhere, most likely in a book I never finished, that safe Christianity is contagious. At first glance this seemed like a mundane quote to be skimmed over, but on further look I realized that this is so true, and that I had fallen victim to it’s ways. I had/have become safe. This semester God has really been challenging me with my walk with him. He has begun to show me that anyone can be a “nice” person, do community service, help old lady’s across the street, adopt 4-11 children from Africa, but what is so different about a Christian doing these tasks? Have I become to be recognized as a nice person, a safe Christian; or some one who’s personality screams Christ Lover, God Follower, someone eagerly seeking to make the name and renown of my God know? Lately/this semester I have been praying that God drags me from this place of safety and comfort to one of unknown waters, a place where I am slightly scared in what might come next, where it’s so dark that I have to have my eyes wide open just to see a glimpse of what’s in store. I have been praying for an awakening.

What have you learned from reading through some of the Psalms this semester?

Reading though the psalms has created for me a image of God’s personality. Seeing God’s awe and wonder put into words is a hard task that I often find myself struggling with, and seeing words that move beyond letters and paragraphs and sentence structure to words of praise, lament, anger, hope, peace that all describe the same God is truly mind blowing. The Psalms hold nothing back. The people that wrote them held nothing back. They truly stepped from words to worship.

What has been your most meaningful moment at BCM?

I recently created this video for one our 6.33’s that had all these words/phrases people of the BCM had submitted to describe God. After finishing it up I clicked play just to make sure everything was in line, but unlike any other video I had created before this one caused me to pause and watch the whole thing all the way through again and again. I read the words that people had written. Forgiving, Holy Father, Artist, Mighty King, answer to all my questions, closer than the air I breath. I paused, the words finally clicked. The idea that these words were not coming from a book from a person I had never met before, but rather the people I spent my life with. The people in my bible study, the people I get lunch with, go to bonfires with, hang out with. These people believe in the same God I do and I have the joy of dwelling with them. Hearing how they describe God in there life is humbling, and that I have the privilege of hearing how God is working in them and have them pour into me is something that I don’t deserve and sometimes lack to give back but they continue anyways. Being able to interact with a community that truly has been captured by God, that is what has been most meaningful.

Be sure to check out the video Taylor mentioned above!

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