Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Interview with Jason

Jason is another BCM student that we asked to share some thoughts about his life and BCM. Jason hangs out in our office more than any other student, and he has gone on Spring Break mission trips with us the last two years, so we know him well and appreciate his friendship and who he is as a leader in BCM.

Major, Career Goals
Junior BIT Major

How long have you been involved at BCM?
Since freshman year, so for 3 years

What is your leadership position? What are some of your responsibilities in this role?
My position is socials coordinator. I plan different events for the bcm throughout the semester for people to enjoy and build relationships with other people. Also to create an environment so people feel comfortable bringing their friends that do not go to bcm.

What has God been teaching you lately?
The thing that God has been teaching the most about being a Christian is that it’s not just a title that we carry around. Being a Christian means that we follow God at all times and going out and reaching out to people and telling them about the salvation that He offers to us because He loves us. And this is what I feel like some people are like. They just think that being a Christian is something they do on Sundays. Even though God does want us to worship Him and love Him, I just want to encourage people to take it to the next step and make God their life. Always going towards Him and obeying Him.

What have you learned from reading through some of the Psalms this semester?
The coolest thing about the psalms is how they are used in the New Testament and used to describe Jesus. Its just cool to see that even in the Old Testament, Jesus is still the focal point.

What has been your most meaningful moment at BCM?
Most meaningful moment at the BCM would be the missions trips I have been on in New Orleans, Arkansas, and Northern Virginia. It just really shows me that God's work is being done all over the world and not just Blacksburg and it's a blessing that I could be a part of it.

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