Tuesday, April 20, 2010


In my daily blog perusing I ran across a post that inspired me to title today's post "Randomness." So beware, you're about to read really random info about my day!

1. We're having a dessert auction at BCM tonight as a fundraiser for missions. It is taking all that is within me to not go take a slice from the Chocolate Funfetti cake that seems to be staring at me from the table outside of my office right now.

2. Jason & Nic are currently discussing how they want to go to a U2 concert sometime before they die. Call me a bandwagon fan but I too would like to see U2 before I leave this world (really though, I'm not a bandwagon fan I played "It's a Beautiful Day" in my senior english class almost a whole year before I met Nic)!

3. The weather widget on my Mac says it's 68 degrees outside, however it is freezing inside this building and I definitely have a space heater going right next to my face.

4. I am so excited to watch Glee tonight! In case you didn't know already, all the music tonight will be from Madonna's vast collection. I'll probably be singing Vogue all day tomorrow; it seems like everytime I hear a song on that show it gets stuck on my head for the next few days.

5. I'm about to start reading Lifting Our Eyes: Finding God's Grace through the Virginia Tech tragedy, The Lauren McCain story. We talked about Lauren at church on Sunday and the spiritual legacy she left behind when she went to be with Jesus on April 16 three years ago. I'm interested to hear more about her story but I expect to cry a bit too while reading it. I already know though (just from the little bit I heard about her church) that I have a lot I can learn from her.

Well there it is, a little insight into my day and mind. Hope you're enjoying the day!

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