Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gone Granola

So we're back safe and sound from Eagle Eyrie. We're both pretty exhuasted so we've been lying on the sofa most of the afternoon/evening watching endless old episodes of The Office via Netflix. I think I had forgotten just how funny that show really is!

We finally worked up enough energy to go the grocery store (i know, i know we live a rough life) so we would have healthy food to eat this week. I feel like we alternate between eating really well one week and then horribly the next (which is exactly what last week was). One healthy thing I've really started to enjoy lately is homemade granola; our favorite recipe is courtesy of Alton Brown. It's funny the things you start to like that you swore you'd never like just a few years ago. I guess I should've listened to my momma when she said "Never say Never."

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