Friday, April 23, 2010

Through it All, You are Faithful

"I will sing of the steadfast love of the Lord, forever;
with my mouth I will make known your faithfulness to all generations."
- Psalm 89:1

I was reading this Psalm this morning, and was reminded of God's faithfulness to me. Though I have been so unfaithful to God throughout my life, his faithfulness to me has never wavered. He has not repaid me as my sins deserve, but has been continually merciful and led me to places of healing and wholeness. He has continued to work good things in my life even though I don't recognize them and even call them a curse instead of the blessing they are. He has continued to give me opportunities to grow and minister to others. He hasn't given up on me because of my laziness, cowardice, selfishness, or stupidity. His faithfulness to me doesn't have to do with any of those things, but with his perfect holiness and steadfast love.

A song that I've been singing all morning and has meant a lot to me lately is Matt Redman's "Through it All." The chorus says, "Through it all, you are faithful, through it all you are strong. Though we walk through the shadows, still you shine on." Regardless of whether we are able to perceive God's good work in our lives, he continues to be faithful to his word. As the song continues, "You never turn or change, you never break the faith. Yesterday, today, and always." Here's a video of Matt Redman talking about the song and a little bit of the chorus.

Psalm 89:1 was meaningful to me too because I think it echoes what part of my desire is in working with college students: to proclaim God's faithfulness to the next generation so that they can go out and do the same. I find that I can do this with more depth and honesty as God shows me his faithfulness as I walk through difficult things in my life.

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