Monday, April 5, 2010

NCAA Basketball Championship

I wasn't too big into sports until I got married four years ago. And really it's not that I'm that big into them now, it's mostly just that I know a little bit more about them. For the most part I can name at least one player from every NFL team and sometimes I can even tell you where they went to undergrad. And normally I don't mind watching a sporting event on TV with Nic (unless it's NBA in which case I promptly ask him to change the channel).

But I feel like National collegiate championships are an exception to all this. I love hearing all the buzz about bowl games and March Madness! Now I may not watch every single game but I certainly don't mind watching one every now and then (or having it on in the background while I clean the house). Today at staff meeting we all made our picks for tonight's big game: Darrell-Butler by 12, Melissa- Butler by 4, Me-Butler by 2, and Nic had to be the odd man out-Duke by 7. Well I certainly hope the underdog pulls this one out this time! Go Bulldogs!

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